Certificate evaluation service

Certificate evaluation service

Kesan Educational Services is the only Arab office that offers certificate equivalency services through organizations licensedby NACES and accredited by all American and Canadian universities.

If you are an Arab university graduate and require an equivalency for your degree and/ortranscripts to apply to study in the US,Kesan Education Services is your answer.

Academic equivalency reports are divided into two sections based on the requirement of the entity you applying for:

General evaluation of university degreethat describes the institution degree in which the student obtained their documents from and its equivalence to the U.S. educational system.

Detailed evaluation of university degreesthat identifies each course studied during the entire period of study. This evaluation compares the grading system in Arab universities with its counterpart in theU.SMoreover, itdetermines the level of education, the courses in the study plan, the credit hours and the grades attained in the courses, in addition to the overall academic performance compared to the U.S. educational system

Kesan Educational Services’ mission is to help students equivalate the certificatesattained from Arab countries throughcredential evaluation organizations accredited by all U.S. universities.