International Student Transfer in the USA | Step by Step Guide 

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International Student Transfer in the USA 

International student transfer is misunderstood by many students. They think that it is a hard process, but the truth isit is easy and it could be done within 2 weeks. 

Many international students come to the U.S. and get surprised by what they see.

Some of them don’t like the school that they are attending.

 Some don’t like the atmosphere, others see that they overpay for the school and they want to go to a more affordable one. 

In this article, I will explain to you step by step how to transfer from a university to another as an international student. 


Step One: ask about the laws at your university. 

This is a very important step. All the schools out there make you sign the agreement when you are in the process of getting admitted to the university. 

And as an international student who doesn’t know English, you mostly are not going to read it and just sign it. 

But watch out because some schools have made you sign on not being able to transfer from this school if you get admitted to the program. 

For example, when I was a student at Georgetown University, I tried to leave the school. But before I do so I went to read the agreement that I signed and it states clearly that if you get admitted to this program and you drop off you might face some legal issues with the school. 

So, before you go ahead and decide to do the international student transfer process, make sure that you know the transfer laws. 


Step Two: Prepare your documents.

The documents that you will need in this process are the same documents that you prepared when you acquired your first admission such as: 

Your certificate and transcripts 
Your SOP and Recommendation letters
Copy of your certificates evaluation if you have done one
Copy of your passport 
Financial statement or bank account statement 

Alsoyou will need your documents from your current university such as a transcript of your already taken courses, a copy of your I-20.

The last thing you need is your I-94. You can get your I-94 online from here. 

If you want help in the international student transfer process, we provide this service for free. 
We get you admission very fast and we contact the DSO in both schools, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 
You can get help by filling the application from this here. 


Step Three: secure an admission from a university.

Some students start their transfer process before they get admitted to another school and that is wrong. 

Before you talk to the DSO at your current universitymake sure that you secured admission to a university and then go ahead and talk to the DSO. 

We can help you get admitted an affordable school that meets your expectations from here. 


Step Four: Ask your new university to transfer your SEVIS

Most probably you are not going to do this step because the DSO’s are usually required to send your current university a transfer form that should be signed by your former school. 

If you want to fasten the process and both schools are in the same area you can just take the form from the new school and take it to the DSO in your old school and ask them to sign it. 


Important tips:

1- Before you start the international student transfer process, make sure that you settle all of your outstanding fees at your current school. 
2- If you are willing to do the international student transfer process after you graduate, do it within the grace period of two months. 
3- The starting date of your first semester at the new university should be within 5 months of completing your program at the first school. 
4- When you finish the international student transfer process, contact the DSO in both schools to find out what else you need to do. 

hope you benefited from this article. If you have any questions about transferring from a university to another you can post your question in the comments and we will reply very fast. 

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