Study in the USA in 7 steps

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Study in the USA in 7 steps

Study in the USA: This topic raises many questions in the mind of the student who wishes to study in the USA, and usually, to answer these questions, a student needs long and deep research. These questions vary from the requirements needed to attend these universities, the suitable timing for application, and whether the university is going to accept your original country’s degree. In addition, what are the tests that a student must undergo in order to be admitted at the university, and what are the steps to study in the USA universities in general?

Based on our experience at Kesan Educational Services and with a desire to help students obtain a university admission to study in the USA, we will provide answers to these questions and clarify these seven steps.

Step 1:

Find out where and when to apply to study in the USA:

The student must, as a first step after determining the required specialization and choosing the universities to which he wishes to apply, to know the place and deadlines for submission, which can be learned from the university calendar or the final time for submitting the application on the university website.

There are usually two dates only: the first date is between September and December for the winter term that begins in February, and the second is between May and August for the summer term that begins in September.

But this may vary slightly from one university to another. Therefore, these important dates must be written in a timely manner so as not to forget these dates and lose the opportunity to apply.


Diploma’s evaluation (equivalency):

This step consists of two parts. Universities may choose one or both of the following:

• The first section is a general evaluation of the student’s university diplomas and documents, which are generally equivalent to the documents and certificates accredited at the universities of the USA.

• The second type is a detailed evaluation of university diplomas and documents so that each subject studied by the student will be identified and described separately. The system of marking is also compared at the university where the student studied with the marking system at the universities of the USA.

Step 3:

Ability to afford financial costs for study in the USA universities:

In this step, students should carefully consider the cost of the study in the USA universities and find answers to the following questions:

  • How much is the full tuition fee for the program to be studied?
  • How much is the appropriate budget recommended by the University for living expenses?
  • Are there full or partial grants and whether or not the student is qualified to receive them?
  • Will the student have sufficient time to work during the study while balancing work and study?
  • What are the methods of applying for postgraduate scholarships?
  • Can a student obtain a financial loan?

In addition, students should take into account the individual application fees such as the costs of assessment exams, etc. In short, students must make a budget that includes all costs and fees they will be spending to study in the USA universities and how well they can afford to pay them in full.

Step 4:

Registration for admission tests such as TOEFL – IELTS – GRE – GMAT:

Acceptance tests are divided into two types:

  • English language proficiency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS
  • Level tests such as GRE and GMAT

The GRE test is one of the main requirements for studying Master’s and PhD degrees at USA universities, which consists of many aspects, for example critical thinking, analytical writing, and verbal reasoning.

The GMAT test includes the following aspects: evaluation of analytical writing, integral reasoning, verbal and quantitative division, and measuring student abilities in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data analysis, and problem-solving.

The English language proficiency tests, such as TOEFL and IELTS, are designed to teach students’ skills and abilities in English as a foreign language and covers four skills: writing, reading, speaking, and comprehension.

All this requires the student to make sure what is the test he needs to clear in order to join the university. In general, the vast majority of universities in the USA requires tests for admission while some others require certain scoring in exams of their choice.

Step 5:

Statement of Purpose preparation (SOP):

This is one of the most important steps that plays an important role in the admission process to study in the USA university. But what distinguishes this step to be so?

This is due to the fact that if the letter of the purpose of study that is presented by the student to the university is weak and lacks motivation and qualifications and research proposals are not as clear as it should be, the chances of admission to the university will be weak.

The student must write the statement of purpose of the study in an ideal manner and ensure it contains the important points that increase the rate of acceptance to a large extent. This letter should summarize the student’s academic achievements, intentions, and suitability for the specialization he has chosen and the purpose behind studying this specialization at a university in the USA. In the event that the student faces any problem whilst writing the letter, we advise him/her to consult the experts in this field who have extensive experience in writing the statement of purpose.

Of course, care must be taken before sending or delivering the letter to the university registration office. It should be completely free of spelling and grammatical errors since any small mistake may have a negative impact on the admission.

Step 6:

Writing letters of recommendation, which is no less important than writing a statement of purpose of study in the USA:

The role of the letters of recommendation is to clarify the summary the recommender’s experience with the student who is applying for the university, whom could be his university lecturer or his manager at work. The messages of recommendation are very important and impact the acceptance of the student at the university. This letter is no less important than the importance of the student’s high school diploma or university degree.

Therefore, the student must be careful and accurate in writing these letters in order to show the person responsible for admission that he is an excellent and a very suitable candidate for the chosen program.

As we have always been at Kesan Educational Services, our primary goal is to help students in every way possible. We have established a special department that consists of experienced professionals in this field who graduated from the most prestigious American universities such as Harvard, Yale and Columbia University to help students write their Letters of Recommendation.

Seventh and final step:

Application for a student visa from the USA Embassy:

This step requires the student to fill out an application form on the embassy website, upload the personal photo and schedule a meeting with the USA Consulate or Embassy in the country of his/her residence.

Attention should be paid whilst filling the application in addition to preparing all documents needed by the embassy:

  • Application fee of $160.
  • Passport copy.
  • A copy of the I-20 form from the university and a confirmation page of the DS-160 form.
  • Preparation of evidence to prove to the consular, student’s desire to return to her/his home country upon completion of their studies.
  • A bank statement that proves the student’s financial ability to cover the costs of fees for studying at the university and for living in the USA.
  • Documents proving that the student is eligible to enroll in the university program he wishes to study. For example, a high school certificate, a bachelor’s degree, and test scoring sheet.

Types of university admissions at USA universities:

  • Unrestricted acceptance: or as some call it (open acceptance):

Some schools in the USA accept their students on simple and easily achievable terms, such as successfully passing a high school by the student in his/her country and having good command and knowledge of English language.

  • Restricted admission:

In this type of admission, requirements are represented in the following points:

  • Obtain a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree with a specific score.
  • Mastery of a certain level in the English language.

The student is admitted conditionally with the final acceptance suspended up until the student presents all required papers and documents within a certain period of time after joining the university.

The average cost of living and the study in the USA:

Of course, the average living and financial costs of the study vary according to the area where the student is enrolled. But often, college tuition costs vary from $ 4,000 to $ 6,000 per semester.

The total cost of the college is between $ 20,000 and $ 25,000. The cost of renting an apartment is between $ 600 and $ 800 per month, an annual total cost of approximately $ 9,000. Monthly student fees are approximately $ 400, or approximately $ 4800 per year.

Often, the cost of tuition and the cost of living are reduced if the student is enrolled in a university in the USA that is located outside the city or on its the periphery or in the eastern part of the USA.

Supported languages at USA universities and starting dates:

The fact that the English language is the first language in the world. Makes it necessarily the primary language of study at the USA universities. However, there are some universities that rely on the French language to teach their subjects such as the University of California, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of California, Los Angeles, Stanford University, Cornell and the University of California-Berkeley.

Additionally, the nature of the school system depends on two semesters. But, other universities offer more than two per year.

Factors for which the student chooses the subject of the study in the USA:

It is obvious that the financial burden and the quality of the study are the main determinants of the study in the USA. However, there are some USA universities that offer partial or complete scholarships.

This can be identified through online research in order to know the admission and study requirements in the USA for universities that offer free of cost or partial scholarships. These grants usually require strict requirements such as a high certificate grade, proficiency in English, specific disciplines, and qualifications.

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