Study in The United States

Study in The United States

There are a lot of details and issues that trouble students who would like to acquire admission to study in America. Starting from choosing the appropriate university ending by the visa application process. That is why Kesan
Educational Services will help you in doing the following:

  1. After filling the application on our website. Our educational
    consultant will contact you to explain the process of acquiring
    university admission.
  2. Initiate procedures to obtain university admission in a timely fashion
    for the desired specialization. By doing so:
  • Prepare university requirements.
  • Prepare the purpose of study letter and recommendation letters.
  • Translate and evaluate certificates with the American educational
  1. Prepare the student to the embassy interview to ensure obtaining a
    student visa. By doing the following:
  • Filling the visa application while taking care of the smallest details
    that are very important to the consul in the American embassy.
  • Paying the student visa fee of a 160 USD.
  • Preparing the essential documents for the interview and the
    optional documents that support the visa application
  • Preparing the student to the embassy’s interview through training
    him on the ideal answers to the consul’s questions.

Requirements for university admission

  1. English Language Admission Requirements
  • Passport copy.
  • Secondary school certificate or equivalent certificate.
  • A bank statement containing no less than 15000 USD.
  • Legal guarantee letter from the financial sponsor or the financial
    support scholarship.
  1. Requirements for acceptance of bachelor’s and master’s degrees
  • All English language requirements.
  • A bank statement containing no less than 25000 USD.
  • Proof of passing English tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Bachelor’s degree certification and degree transcripts for Master’s
  • Purpose of study letter.
  • Recommendation letters.
  • GRE/GMAT exam certification for master degree admission for
    some specializations.
  • ACT/SAT exams certifications for Bachelor degree admission for
    some specializations.
  • A CV for Master’s students.

Fees and costs

  1. 400 USD Service fee upon acquiring university acceptance.
  2. The cost of studying English language range between 500 USD per week for
    most institutes.
  3. Undergraduate and graduate study fees start from 3600 USD per semester.

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